Template Finder

Is Clarion running slow because of the number of template that you have installed? Is your Clarion TRF excessively large, over 5MB? Do you know what templates are actually used in your application?

Template Finder goes through your applications and develops a list of template chains actually used in a set of applications. Use the results to reconstruct your template registry to optimize Clarion performance. Or build a document that shows the templates used by procedure and application.

Template Finder can reduce application generation time by up to 50%! If you register template chains and never use them, they can slow down generation, sometime dramatically. Use template finder to find all the template chains used in all your applications and rebuild your template registry for optimal performance. Just rename your registry file and register all the needed templates after you've run the analysis.

Two basic modes.
- Unique Templates (sorted by template chain / name).
- Unique Template chains

• Document the apps in separate files or combine them into a single doc file.
• Document the apps in separate files or combine them into a single doc file.
• Global unique templates in an appended file are unique templates across all applications.
• Settings remembered from app to app.

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Template Finder Prompts.
Template Finder Prompts

Product Download Version Released Links
TPLFinder.ZIP 8.00 Feb 28, 2013 Template Finder


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