James W. Morgan Jr.

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President and Founder - Mitten Software, Inc.

  • Founded company in 1988.
  • Designed and developed a web-based expert system with data-driven rules to regulate interstate animal imports that eliminates expensive training and allows any time permitting of all species.
  • Developed methods to eliminate nightly data extracts and substitute real-time access with minimal reprogramming for a manufacturer of washers and stampings that saved thousands of hours annually and improved data accuracy.
  • Designed and directed an expert system development with data-driven rules for flexible audits and investigative work used by hundreds of leading financial organizations. Systems run for years with almost no programming changes, but continual legal, rule and regulation changes.
  • Designed process to convert ISAM files to SQL automatically saving man-months of effort.
  • Designed and directed a web-based resource management and scheduling system for school districts and churches.
  • Designed and directed development of a order processing and manufacturing tracking system for manufacture of trusses.
  • Designed and managed the development of a custom EDI system used by one of the top 20 pension funds to collect financial information for over 600 member organizations.
  • Designed and managed the development of a commisssion tracking system for manufacturer reps.
  • Implemented project management disciplines for a US Postal Service data center managing world's largest non-military payroll system.
  • Assisted IRS in development of a program to audit non-profit organizations.
  • Manage computer operations for a $15 million manufacture of custom wire products, a vineyard, a custom sign face printer.
  • Managed development of lot tracking and quality control data collection and analysis system for a $12 million manufacturer of electronic components.
  • Managed completion of an annuity payout system and an insurance quotation and training system.
  • Developed and implemented customer management, incident management and performance reporting system for a software publisher.
  • Developed Professional Resource Manager - an integrated time management, project management and personal organizer.
  • Publisher and design consultant for various programming tools.
  • Author of Overlay Manager - Memory Management Tool.
  • President for Central Minnesota Clarion User Group.
  • Founding director for Clarion Developer Certification program.

Manager - Price Waterhouse Coopers - Management Consulting Services

  • Managed various consulting projects applying computer technology to solve business problems and improve operations.
  • Performed various operational reviews for various manufacturers and distributors.
  • Managed business system planning and selection projects for eight different manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
  • Led various operations improvement projects.
  • Managed the implementation of MRP systems for a repetitive manufacturer of consumer goods and a manufacturer of capital goods.
  • Managed the implementation of improved inventory controls for a manufacturer of toys.
  • Supervised the development and implementation of a PC-based inventory control and shortage reporting systems.
  • Developed an operational financial modeling system for a major start-up discount retailer.
  • Implemented an accounts payable package for a major utility.

Business Analyst - Modern Merchandising (Best Products)

  • Developed and implemented various internal control and top management reporting systems.

System Engineer - Electronic Data Systems (EDS)

  • Designed, coded and tested subsystems in a complete work-in-process tracking system.

Education and Professional Certificates

  • University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management
    • MBA - General Management in December, 1987.
    • BSB - Finance and Marketing in June, 1980.
  • Certified in Data Processing (CDP).
  • Certified in Production and Inventory Control (CPIM).