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SQL Conversions and Advanced Support

ISAM2SQL templates - Convert ISAM files to SQL. Very fast - up to 1 GB per minute. Quick to Program.

See how we can convert a standard Clarion program to SQL in under five minutes. We partner with the local developers to get the SQL conversion done quickly and then provide experienced support for tuning and advanced debugging issues.

Expert System Software

Expert systems have traditionally been developed with most of the knowledge buried in the program logic. This meant programmers were needed to maintain the expert rules. This approach made developing the rules slow, expensive and error prone. The key to a successful expert system is a flexible database that maintains the rules with tools that allow the experts to capture the rules directly. The expert logic must be stored in the database, not in the program logic. The interface used to transfer the knowledge from the expert to the database must be robust, easy to use, flexible and allow for easy validation..

Web Development with ASP and ASP.NET

Develop complete Internet solutions or portals into your existing applications. We use code generators with ASP or generated code to build applications quickly. We often work with off-shore developers from India and Bulgaria to finish the work at low cost and speed delivery. Design, management and quality assurance is done locally. Sample Web Applications include:

Clarion Software and Templates

Clarion third party products, Clarion templates and Clarion programming tools add powerful features to your programs. Example Clarion source code to speed up your development of accounting and contact management programs. Dictionary tools add time-saving, powerful development features.

Custom Software

We finish difficult projects when others fail. We build tools, templates, accessories for other developers, you know we have the knowledge to get the job done. We build custom EDI solutions for secure, fast data transfers. Data Collection on Windows CE devices. We build Internet-based scheduling systems. We build order processing systems. We build expert systems. We can help with all phases of software development from planning to support.

Ask Yourself...

- Need quality Internet or Windows solutions at reasonable prices?
- Want help with planning and design through development, testing, implementation and support?
- Desire access to the best developers from USA, Canada, India, Bulgaria and South Africa at the best prices?
- Need solutions developed with tools from Microsoft or Clarion deployed on the Microsoft platform?

Contact Mitten Software for solutions to your business problems.

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